Differdrift is a Free-to-View Web Comic. I do this on my free time and work to support myself. I would like to eventually be able to work on Differdrift and improve my artistic abilities every hour of everyday but that just is not possible for me right now. If you enjoy Differdrift what so ever and are involved in the Reddcoin community like myself.. Please throw me a Reddcoin tip. I believe Reddcoin is a valuable coin for online content creators like myself and I hope that one day it can help pay a way for my dream career of being a full time artist! Thank you for checking out my artwork!

ReddID: differdrift

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What is ReddID?

ReddID is named-based tipping across social networks and platforms, with all data stored safely in the blockchain. No centralized sites and databases, no administrators with control over your funds. Empower your online persona, collecting tips for your content and comments while keeping your wallet secure and private!

Claim your individual identity and verify its unique existence. Harness the ability to send and receive micro-donations super-fast and super-easily with low-to-zero transaction fees.

How do I get ReddID?
Lets Register your Unique identity and Sync it up to the Social World! I will Tip you I swear it!

First: You need to download the web browser extension. Go to https://reddcoin.com/redd-id/ and get the google chrome extension. As of now the only available ReddID extension is for Google Chrome. If you do now have Google Chrome, go download it. If you are not into downloading a new web browser there is a version for Firefox coming soon. You can wait. Or you can live in 2018 and have some kind of technological and internet skills and just get with the times and download it.

Second: Right on brother.. or sister! You just installed ReddID into your web browser! You will notice the ReddID icon in the corner of your web browser. Open it up. It will ask you to create a new one or open an existing seed. You my friend are a new seed, so create a new ReddID. If you ever lose your computer you can always open an existing ReddID through existing seed.

Third: You will be given a 12 word password phrase. Write it down, remember it, save it, store it, note it, email it.. just do not lose it.

Fourth: Click on the Register menu and type in the ReddID you desire. It can only be in lower case letters and numbers. Depending on how lengthy your ReddID is will decide its price in Reddcoin. It cost RDD to register your name for multiple reasons.. it prevents people from registering every name possible, as well acting as a transaction on the blockchain to secure your ReddID. Dont register yet because you have not put the funds into your ReddID Wallet.

Fifth: Transfer Reddcoinn to your wallet by using one of your Wallets Receiving addresses. I would transfer as much as it cost to register your name plus a few hundred for a small tax and to start tipping friends and online content creators such as myself. Wait for the Reddcoin to be confirmed in your ReddID before you go to the next step.

Sixth: Go to the Register menu and type in your ReddID, let the program sync up a minute and tell you that the name is available and it is done indexing and then click order. After you click order and your ReddID is finished indexing there will be a notification at the bottom that says order confirmed.

Seventh: After the order is complete and confirmed you can go ahead and click Register. Again at the bottom it will let you know the status of your registration. When your registration is confirmed you can restart your web browser and open ReddID and you will have access to a few more menus on the ReddID.

Eighth: Now lets validate your ReddID with your Social Media Accounts. This is very easy. This whole process is easy. Its harder to build a set of legos then set up a ReddID. Go to the Social Menu and choose on your newly registered ReddID. It will give you codes that you must post on a public post on your social media account. Simply log into your social media, lets say twitter, and make a post with that code. Then, copy the link that goes directly to that post and paste it under the code for that social media in your ReddID. You are done my friend. Congratulations. Let me know what your ReddID is and i will gladly tip you!